February 1, 2017

Culinary Education Center

8:30 AM


        Monmouth County Vocational School District

  • Joe discussed admission and the online application process.  

  • Joe introduced the Mental Health Association

      Monmouth University

  • Patrick reported out on the new Monmouth Science Building

  • We would also like to add to the agenda for our next meeting a discussion regarding the Monmouth & Brookdale Scholarships that have been given in the past.  Possible things to discuss are:

    • Application Process

    • Income

    • Scholarship Committee

        Brookdale Community College

  • Discussed the college fair.

  • Discussed the Caring Awards

  • Took a vote on the Fall College Fair Date

    • The fall college fair will be October 15, 2017



        NJSCA/MCSCA (Attachment)

  • Emailed to members.  

New Business (* Action Items)

        Approval of Disbursements since December meeting*

        Caring Award Program

                    Deadline dates

  • We reviewed deadline dates for the caring award

    • Recipient names due 2/10/17

    • Video youtube link sent to Jon Warner or Joe Senerchia by 3/7/17

    • The spreadsheet of award winners so far and the invitation are available on the website.  

    • http://www.mcgda.org/caring-award-2017.html

    • Please make sure to view your student's video and try to make sure that they keep it to 2 minutes.

    • Joe has contacted Freehold Deputy Director Serena DiMaso to attend.  

    • There will be opening marks made by Brookdale                                 

                    Approval of Monetary Awards*

  • Approved monetary awards for the caring award

    • $1,750 Brookdale Costs

    • $4,500; 30 scholarships at $150 each

    • $3,750; 5 scholarships (pulled at random) for $750 each

    • Total Caring Award Cost:  $10,000

      • Motion:  Fran Swift

      • Second:  Jason Sabino

        Spring College Fair

  • April 27th

    • The fair will begin at 6:30, we will have a speaker available at 6:00pm (Fran has contacted the speaker and is working to confirm)


                                Student Center

                                Front doors

                                Assistant Susan Hatch

                                Information/counseling table

Labels for mailing

  • Other Discussions that were had for the good of the order

    • Scheduling Practices & Procedures

    • PARCC Scheduling

    • Next meeting after the Caring Awards on March 16th.